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An actively managed, privately held investment company.  

​With no outside investors, Borbole Companies operates free from the restraints of traditional venture funding. Every opportunity is assessed on its own merits without regard to predetermined time tables, investment terms or other manufactured structures.  We pursue only those opportunities that are interesting enough (to us) to get involved with and structure those investments uniquely to each situation.  ​


Though our principals have served on boards and enjoy advisory roles when asked, capital investment is our primary function.  We believe operational decisions are best made by those running the business and we try not to add to their daily distractions.   


While nearly all of our investments are sourced through existing partners and contacts, those seeking funding are welcome to contact us here.  While we will do our best to respond to all inquiries, we make no guarantees that time will allow us to do so.  We tend to be deliberate and selective in our investments and pursue only a small fraction of the opportunities we see.  

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